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Data defined alone
All three defined (header, label, data, all with same number)
Label and data defined (label) Label and data defined (data)

Random Access Memory, or RAM, stores data currently in use by your computer such as currently running programs, currently open files and more.

How Much RAM?

It is generally recommended that you get 16GB of RAM. If you are on a very tight budget 8GB is the absolute minimum recommended in 2019 and should be sufficient for gaming, but may struggle with workstation tasks, or running many programs at once. If you are into heavy video editing and music production it may be worthwhile to get 32GB, but it's best to start with two 8GB sticks of RAM then add two more if you find your system struggling with this. BE SURE TO BUY IDENTICAL RAM IF YOU'RE ADDING MORE.

DDR3 vs DDR4

Doesn't make a difference outside of benchmarks. They are equal in real world uses. Just make sure you get what your motherboard supports!

RAM Speeds and Timings

Also doesn't make a difference outside of benchmarks.