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UNSW Computer Enthusiasts Society
Logo final.png
The logo as of February 2017
Abbreviation UNSW PCSoc
Founder Jimmy Chen and David Sison
Founded at UNSW

UNSW Computer Enthusiasts Society, also known as UNSW PCSoc, is a social club at the University of New South Wales founded in September 2015, with the primary aim of providing an opportunity for people to learn, discuss and engage with current and emerging computer hardware technology and culture, through a community of people interested in building and optimising PCs.


UNSW PCSoc was founded by Jimmy Chen and David Sison in September 2015. Earlier that year Jimmy had made a post in the CSESoc Facebook group looking for an expression of interest in founding a new club at UNSW for computer hardware enthusiasts. David, who was Talks Head for CSESoc at the time, responded suggesting the creation of a Facebook group first, as to gauge further interest for the club and to determine its viability at UNSW.

The Facebook group (titled "UNSW Computer Enthusiasts Community") was a success, reaching 200 members by the end of July. During that time, Jimmy had made David a moderator and they had begun discussing the formation of an Arc affiliated club. They released an expression of interest form and started a Facebook chat called the "UNSW Founding Committee" to help organise the formation of the club, for which three in-person meetings were held.

The clubs Inaugural General Meeting was held on the September 25th, 2015, and the club was officially affiliated on November 27th, 2015. The clubs founding executive members (and Executive Team for 2016) were as follows:

  • Co-Presidents: Jimmy Chen and David Sison
  • Secretary: Angel Liang
  • Treasurer: Ryan Klugman
  • Arc Delegate: Sebastian Ward


The society is currently affiliated with the University of New South Wales student organisation Arc. It features a team of executives, with each member managing one aspect of the society's operations. Currently the positions are:

  • President, who manages the society's direction as well as the rest of the executive team;
  • Secretary, in charge of keeping minutes of executive meetings as well as handling general clerical work;
  • Treasurer, manages the society's finances;
  • Arc Delegate, handles communication with Arc, as well as ensures the society as a whole adheres to ARC guidelines;
  • Events Director, who organises in person workshops and events; and,
  • Marketing Director, responsible for marketing society promotions and events, and managing society merchandising. Also manages the society's various social media channels;

The 2021 Club Executives are as follows:

  • President: Vincent Liu
  • Secretary: Max William Peter Wharton-Jones
  • Treasurer: Amelia Kwok
  • Arc Delegate: Sabine Lim
  • Events Director: Conrad Taing
  • Marketing Director: Tom Pham
2020 Club Executives
  • President: Terry Agapitos
  • Vice President of Events: Bridget McCarthy
  • Vice President of Partnerships: Susan Huang
  • Secretary: Vincent Liu
  • Treasurer: Anne-Marie Vuong
  • Arc Delegate: Sabine Lim
  • Marketing Director: Michael Chan
  • Media Director: Matthew Karam (T1), Yurk-Wei Xu (T1 onwards)
2019 Club Executives
  • Co-Presidents: Harrison Scott (T1, T2), Christopher Yao (T3) and Vincent Chen,
  • Secretary: Ciaran Farrell (T1), Michael Chan (T2 onwards)
  • Treasurer: Terry Agapitos
  • Arc Delegate: Teresa Nguyen
  • Events Director: Christopher Yao (T1, T2), Bridget McCarthy (T3)
  • Marketing Director: Darren Li
  • Partnership Director: Susan Huang
2018 Club Executives
  • Co-Presidents: Jimmy Chen (S1), Harrison Scott (S2) and Vincent Chen
  • Secretary: Kevin Xu
  • Treasurer: Richie Trang (S1), Tiffany Chin (S2)
  • Arc Delegate: Josh Wason
  • Events Director: Matthew Humphreys
  • Marketing Director: Daniel Ren Shougam
  • Sponsorship Director: Jackson Booth (S2)
2017 Club Executives
  • Co-Presidents: Jimmy Chen and David Sison
  • Secretary: Vincent Chen
  • Treasurer: Richie Trang
  • Arc Delegate: Josh Wason
  • Events Director: Angel Liang
  • Marketing Director: Thomas Lim (S1), Daniel Ren Shougam (S2)


The society's social events largely revolve around its regular meetups and workshops, as well as online with its Discord server.

Large events (such as LANs) are often held with partners such as tech-related companies and other UNSW gaming societies.


UNSW PCSoc's Discord server consists of over 500 members, often hosting gaming night events and PC-related watch parties.

In 2019, channels became read-only until the user was verified in-person.

In September 2020, PCSocAuth (a bot written by then Arc Delegate Sabine Lim) was deployed and now automates the verification process.